Fees, Timetable, Lessons

My fee is £17 per half hour and I charge in advance 5 lessons at a time. My Teaching Calendar follows that of Renfrewshire Schools. If a pupil misses or cancels a lesson,the fee will not be refunded though I will offer to make it up during the school holidays if possible.
My Teaching Timetable runs from 3.15pm till 7.15pm, Monday to Friday and from 9.30am till 1.30pm on Saturdays.
If you're interested in trying some lessons, please give me a call - if I don't pick up, just leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. If I don't have a slot on my timetable that suits you, I'm happy to put you on my waiting list and keep trying till we find one that does. Don't worry though, if I call you back and you've found another teacher or just changed your mind, it won't be a problem!